It's all about teamwork.

Starting with doctor “Bobby” and with every smiling face and caring hand at Wagner Dental Care, we all share the same goals: A relaxed experience and the very best care, in a place you’ll look forward to coming back again and again.

Meet the doctors

Dr. Wagner

Dr. Robert “Bobby” Wagner has been practicing in his native Rose City for nearly 20 years. For seven years in a row, he's been honored by his peers as a "Best Dentist" (Portland Monthly magazine). More about Dr. Wagner

Meet the team

Dental Hygienists

Achamma, Dental Hygienist

Achommo is a native of South India but her adventurous parents took her to Africa and the Middle East and she continued her travels with her husband to England, Australia and reached Portland by way of Texas and California.
Having completed a degree in dentistry from India she continued her interest in oral health to dental hygiene to balance looking otter her 2 kids.
She is passionate about communicating clearly with her patients in a positive supportive way so they get a good picture of their oral health.
Dr. Wagner's practice philosophy of prioritizing each individual's needs and providing outstanding care plus the amazing team he has built around him are the reasons I am thrilled to be working at Wagner Dental.

Alysse, Dental Hygienist

Alysse is fascinated with the health sciences and using the latest techniques to help her patients. She started as a temp and knew from the first day, Wagner Dental Care is where she wanted to build her career. “This is one of the few dental practices where you really feel like you’re part of the patients’ lives. It all trickles down from the top and Dr. Wagner. This is a super enthusiastic, positive place.”

A “can-do” attitude is in her genetic code. Alysse takes huge pride in her father, a veteran who fought alongside U.S. soldiers as a pilot in the South Vietnamese Air Force. “My dad came to the United States with zero, nothing, and in a few years he built up a family, bought his first home and put three kids in college.” Now Alysse is passing along that can-do attitude to her two children – and her patients.

Frank, Dental Hygienist

“Stress free, clean and tidy.” That’s the work environment that always appealed to Frank when he was growing up. He found it at Wagner Dental Care. “I come from a family in construction, so the clean and tidy part of the dental practice is a welcome change for me,” he jokes. Frank is one of our longtime dental hygienists and has lived in Oregon (he wants you to know) “long enough to be considered a native.” He’d recommend almost any restaurant in the Wagner Dental Care neighborhood, especially Nuestra Cocina, Bollywood Theater, Stella Taco and Pok Pok.

Top priorities for Frank are raising his young son, visiting the Oregon Coast and proudly “staying off social media.”

Jaime, Dental Hygienist


Jaime has been working as a Hygienist in the Portland area for over 8 years now. Jaime originally is from Tennessee and decided to move to Portland to pursue her Hygiene career and her love of hiking made it easier to move to the PNW. In her free time, she loves to play soccer, go hiking, and play with her dog. She loves working at Wagner Dental Care because of the amazing staff and patients. " I like to make my patients feel comfortable, and at ease under my care."

Sally, Dental Hygienist

Surfer girl (Cannon Beach, Pacific City, Hawaii), snow boarder and high-intensity trainer, Sally relishes staying fit as a fiddle in her native state. Look fast, you might catch her zipping by on a Portland scooter and exploring her favorite Kerns neighborhood restaurants: pizza at Nostrana, happy hour at Fire on the Mountain (conveniently, right across from Wagner Dental Care), dinner at Screen Door and vegan chocolate “anything” at Missionary Chocolates.

A 14-year veteran of Wagner Dental Care, Sally loves adding to the trademark calm and peace our patients have come to know and trust. “I’ve been here for more than 10 years. Dr. Wagner is like family to us and when we hire people, he makes sure they mesh with the team and our commitment to our patients. It works!”

Dental Assistants

Emily, Sterile Technician

Lora, Dental Assistant

Nadia , Dental Assistant

Patients know Nadia for her glowing smile and gorgeous accent. “I have a strong accent and I’ll probably never lose it, but my patients seem to really like it!” Yes they do. And they love her expertise. Nadia’s impressive medical pedigree includes practicing nursing in a Kieve, Ukraine hospital and 15 years as a dental assistant in the US. In 2002, seeking the proverbial good life for her two children, she moved her family to America. She enrolled in the Clackamas Community College Dental Assistance Program, a decision that funded her children’s college education, securing them good jobs and giving Nadia the pride of her life--six grandchildren.

Nadia is also proud of her work at Wagner Dental Care.

“We care about our patients. We’re like family, with very nice doctors. When I first arrived here, it’s like they knew me forever. Everyone is always smiling and welcoming and the patients see that. Coming to America...that is my good life!”

Like the rest of our team, Nadia is a bit of a foodie, whipping up specialties like Ukrainian stew, dumplings and borscht. She recommends you try the layered fish and potatoes dish at Kachka, a Russian, Ukrainian restaurant, conveniently located close to Wagner Dental Care.

Business Staff

Amy , Treatment Coordinator

There are so many fun facets to Amy, we’re not sure where to start.

Jeep off-roading in the mountains (“Down and dirty with the doors off, mud splattering all over.”); Remodeling a 1930’s Victorian house (“Total money pit, but Home Depot loves us. We have no experience. I even went through the floor once.”); Cruising in her 1969 El Camino (“My Dad, a great guy, raised me on muscle cars. I’m an old school type of gal.”).

When Amy is working with patients, she brings more than 10 years of experience, helping them feel confident about everything from insurance and claims, to treatment planning and scheduling.

“The key is listening. Listening to our patients’ concerns and what’s best for them, never pushing. The moment they step into our homey office they feel special. I came from a corporate dental office where I felt like a number. Nobody feels like a number at Wagner Dental Care.”

Keri , Treatment Coordinator

Keri has been in the dental and medical field for over 15 years, over 7 of which with Wagner Dental Care. She loves working here, enjoying her time with patients and the amazing staff, and learning their stories. "Each day is unique, and I love seeing patients leave here happy and comfortable. Many fear the dentist, but in this office, we want to make sure you feel safe and reassured that we are always looking out for your best interests"
She and her husband of 20 years love to entertain family and friends, spoil their cats, and watch basketball. Cooking, playing volleyball, and karaoke are some of the pastimes she also enjoys.

Whitney, Front Desk Coordinator

Whitney has worked in a clinical setting for over 8 years and brings many years of experience from the service industry as a bartender and event coordinator. She enjoys working with people from all walks of life, and is passionate about making patients feel comfortable, welcome, and heard. “Wagner Dental Care is a wonderfully unique practice, and everyone is so kind and supportive. I love coming to work!”

She fell in love with Oregon at first sight about 12 years ago, when she moved from Florida to be close to her dad in his final months. “It was tough leaving all I knew behind to move across the country but was one of the best decisions I have ever made.”

She is currently going back to college with a major in computer science, but outside of school and work she enjoys camping in the mountains, visiting the Oregon Coast, and just exploring the Pacific Northwest with her boyfriend and pup.